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SolasAI was created by industry-leading consultants and data scientists. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in employment discrmination, general algorithmic fairness, ResponsibleAI, ExplainableAI and fair lending. They maintain a commitment to staying engaged with other thought leaders to drive innovation.

SolasAI, and its expert consultants regularly interact with other regulatory bodies, government oversight agencies and Members of Congress through panels, interviews and contract work. This gives SolasAI and its consultants firsthand experience in what regulators and legislators are acting on and thinking about regarding regulatory activities. This insight is then incorporated in the SolasAI software.

We help ensure that you can prove you have made reasonable efforts to minimize disparity and bias in your decision informing/making algorithms.

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Publications & Media from the SolasAI Team

Machine Learning: Considerations for Fairly and Transparently Expanding Access to Credit

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